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How To Build Your Residual Income: What Is Stopping You?

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what-is-stopping-you Are you were you would loved to be financially? Many times we let simple things stop us from starting. I’m talking about anything in life… in business, family, personal relationships. Why is it that you are not getting started?

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Focus leads to success 5 things you can do today to stay focus


Focus leads to success

FOCUS Leads To Success


You can scroll down to read the 5 things you can do today to stay focus. But I suggest you read this first. Your imagination is a great gift from God. So just imagine for a moment. You are going to a store so you get into your car. Before you did, you made sure there was enough gas and oil and the tires are all good. You back out of your driveway cautiously and start driving.

You turn the radio on while driving and hear your favorite song and start jamming out. Then you get a text message and of course you know it’s not safe to check it but you do it anyway. Then your brother calls you wanting to talk about the plans for next Saturday. You don’t have a headset on so you are driving one handed right now.

Then someone cuts you off and you have to swerve around them to avoid an accident. JERK! You feel like yelling at them but you hold your temper….but you continue with your phone call…then you get another call and you tell him to hold on…this time it’s your friend giving you the latest gossip on what is happening at her work!

The song changes and you hate it….so you start fumbling for the controls to switch the station…then you remember your brother was on the other line.

As you do all of this…you didn’t even notice that you missed your exit for the store about 2 miles back! You get ready to turn around and realize that you have a flat tire and you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere!

Has that ever happened to you? You had every intention to get to your destination but ended up missing it and ended up someplace else?

In almost all cases you lacked FOCUS.

Let’s take the example and look at your home business.

Are you where you want to be? Have you reached all your goals or do you feel like you are spinning your wheels?

Perhaps you lack FOCUS! Don’t worry this happens to all of us.

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you FOCUS on your home business:

1. Schedule 1 to 2 hours every day to work on your business. If you don’t schedule it…most likely it won’t happen. You may have to sacrifice things like TV time and other time wasters to make it happen.

2. Work on your business the same time every day. This way you get into a habit and it will become easier for you to make it happen.

3. Have a daily “Method Of Operation” so you know exactly what you are supposed to be working on. For example, Writing a blog post, submitting it to social media sites, Inviting people to check out your opportunity, Following-up with prospects. Get very specific on what you will be doing. Create a checklist so you can track your progress.

4. Close out the distractions! If you use Facebook as part of your marketing…do your tasks and then CLOSE it. Same with your email. Focus on the one task and then close it down so you are not tempted to get into time-wasting activities. Instant messaging with your friends, watching cat videos on Youtube and just general web surfing doesn’t do anything for your business.

5. Focus on the RIGHT activities that will bring you sales! If it’s not something that will eventually bring you or your team new customers, recruits and sales it’s not worth doing. Organizing your desk, Trying to create your own training or system (if you already have one) is not a productive activity. If you have a marketing system to follow you should be introducing people to it and teaching others to do the same. Focus on the income producing activities.

Lack of focus is one of the top reasons people fail at their home business.

Take action and FOCUS and you WILL have SUCCESS!

If you are looking for a SYSTEM where you can stay focused on the right income-producing activities, check out what I recommend below and watch the video.

Watch This Video

…and follow the simple steps. It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.



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