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How To Build Your Residual Income: What Is Stopping You?

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what-is-stopping-you Are you were you would loved to be financially? Many times we let simple things stop us from starting. I’m talking about anything in life… in business, family, personal relationships. Why is it that you are not getting started?

For example, starting a residual income business. Thousands of men and women around the globe want to start a home business that can start generating passive income for years to come but why is it that so many people never get started?

It’s because of their “Limiting Beliefs“! Don’t let this limiting beliefs stop you. Get started today.

You see I’m a firm believer that you can get ANYTHING you want to in life. You can become ANYTHING you want to in life.

You just have to be willing to work on one thing..


If you tell yourself that you can be successful at this home business … well that’s what will happen; you will succeed. Encourage yourself today. At least you are on the right path by reading this article! Well done!

Watch the video above for a solution to getting started.

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PS: I have been building this business since 2005 and I sure can help you with the right tools as a member of my believer’s team.

By Caroline Ayuk

Caroline Mbi Ayuk is a mompreneur and have been working from home since 2005, building residual income streams and managing this top residual income opportunity website and the top rated forex training website When she is not helping others start their own business, conducting technical analysis of the currency markets, delivering forex trading education tips to her subscribers and visitors, or trading , Caroline is on tv program "insight for life" a Love Christian Center program where live's problems are analyzed and solutions provided based on the word of God.

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