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Leadership: This business is all about leadership

Leadership is the key to success in any business. First you become a follower and then a leader. As a leader what are you suppose to do?
According the to
Brendon Burchard, there are six things a leader must do on a continual basis to be able to have the kind of influence that will impact his people in a positive way. These six practices are: Envision, Enlist, Embody,

1. Envision: How do you see your business team 12 months from now? Without seeing your success before it happens, you will give up when tough times come. So see yourself leading your team to success. Super leaders see a vibrant and bright future of how the organization will look like in the future and that drives them to act accordingly. With a clear vision for the future, the leader can set the goals accordingly. This process is an active one and you must continually sit down and evaluate where you are in your vision.

2. Enlist: As a leader, you are the visionary of your company or organization and you enlist other people to share your vision. When you enlist people and give them room to participate, share their voice, brain storm with you, figure out together where you are leading them too, they will commit to the vision and goals. Great leaders continually enlist others and work to help them reach their goals in the process of building

3. Embody: As you leader you must believe in your vision, so much that your people will see you stand and defend that vision, even when tough times come. When difficulties show up, do you still stand for your vision, if you do, your people will also work with conviction to accomplish the vision.

4. Empower: Leaders who succeed do so by giving people they enlist decision-making authority. Great leaders will empower their people by training and equipping them with everything they need to succeed. Real momentum will only happen when the leader train other leaders who can independently work towards the vision, without the leader following them up. Your training has to be consistent and continuous.

5. Evaluate: Without evaluation, you will never know whether you are progressing. Evaluation will enable you to see whether you are progressing, whether your people are progressing.

6. Encourage: As a leader, if you continually motivate, inspire and uplift your people, they will become champions of your vision.

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